Health Planning Services

Develop Communications Strategies The health field is an increasingly complex area of activity. Being able to communicate directly and concisely is critical for health planners. Nexus has health professionals who can help with your presentations, develop your communication skills, and heighten your awareness of your organization's communication needs.

Refocus Organizations - needs assessment With limited funds and ever growing demand, being able to focus on your client's critical needs is essential. Nexus consultants will work with you to analyze these needs and re-focus your direction to suit today's fast changing health environment.

Program Evaluations for Accountability. . Funding does not come without the need to be accountable. Programs that are funded will require organizations to establish methods and processes for accountability. Nexus can assist you and your staff with this large and complex task.

Develop Management Tools for Social OrganizationsManagers are made not born. Those that come from service professions do not always have training in the skills associated with managing programs and projects. Nexus has consultants with many years of successful management experience to provide training for those who require it

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