Non-Profit Consulting Services

Building Business Plans Through Research Business plans are an important part of everyday business life, but they must be current and relevant. Nexus can help your business plan reflect your current goals and ideas.

Structured Strategic PlanningTrying to position yourself to deal with the longer range and the larger picture can be a challenge. Nexus can work with you to turn today's plan into tomorrow's vision.

Develop Communications Strategies. Methods of business communications have become increasing complex but no less critical to the success of your company. Your company's success can rest on how well and how quickly you can communicate, both with your customers and each other.

Proposal Writing The success of non-profit organizations can depend on successful responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) . An increasing emphasis is being placed on succinct well-researched proposals. Nexus can guide you through the process and provide follow-up in crafting the responses that will be needed to develop a manageable plan.

Refocus Organizations - needs assessment- - With limited funds and ever growing demand being able to focus on your client's critical needs is essential. Nexus consultants can work with you to analyze these needs and re-focus your direction to suit the challenging situations faced by today's non-profit organizations.

Program Evaluation for Accountability Funding does not come without the need to be accountable. Programs that are funded will require organizations to establish methods and processes for accountability. Nexus can assist you and your staff with this large and complex task.

Develop Management Tools for Social Organizationsion Managers are made not born. Those that come from service professions do not always have training in the skills associated with managing programs and projects. Nexus has consultants with many years of successful management experience to provide training for those who require it.

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