Social and Educational Consulting Services

Proposal WritingProposal writing is the first step to consulting success. Nexus consultants can help you research, organize and present your proposals.

Needs Assessment If you are not sure what your client needs are you cannot develop a meaningful program or service strategy. Nexus consultants can help you with this key piece of research and help you develop a plan to answer these needs.

Program Evaluation for Accountability. Accountability is the watchword of the new millennium. Many organizations have to apply accountability measures to activities and initiatives they assumed would be part of their operation forever. Nexus can help you develop and adapt your accountability requirements.

Prepare Educational Organizations For Accreditation Or CertificationIn many fields accreditation and certification is becoming a requirement to guarantee credibility with your clients or customers or - your organization's credibility. In some fields accreditation is a prerequisite for continued funding. Nexus has a strong track record in preparing organizations for this all-important step.

Customer Assist in Presentations and Reporting Presentations are the end result of a great deal of work. Creating and using electronic and print resources for presentations has become more complex. Nexus has experts who are familiar in the latest presentation software and presentation techniques and they can tailor these to siut your requirements.

Conference Development - Content Planning Success in the creation and development of a conference can cement your position as a leader in your field. As the creators of a number of successful conferences, Nexus can help you through the many challenges of creating a successful conference.

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