Preparation for Accreditation or Certification

Increasingly, funders are requiring private and public training and service organizations to be accredited or certified. To meet these funding requirements, organizations must prepare self study reports which are submitted to the accrediting body. Nexus Consortium consultants can assist you with preparing your self study to increase the likelihood of a quick acceptance of a report and free your time for other responsibilities.

Nexus consultants can:

  • · Assist you to prepare your study report.
    • identify the needed data
    • gather the data
    • interpret and analyze the data
    • develop appropriate policies and practices
    • write the report from the data and the information you provide
    • develop the necessary appendices and
    • format the report for effective presentation
  • Critique your self study report and provide written feedback.
  • Coach your personnel through the process of data gathering, analysis and writing a self study report. Nexus consultants work with you, offering suggestions and feedback as each element is developed.
  • Offer consultation to you on the preparation of self study reports. Nexus consultants meet with you and train your personnel in the development of the components needed for self studies.
  • Present workshops or seminars on preparation for accreditation or certification.
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