Communication Strategies

In this age of knowledge and multimedia, how information is communicated is as critical as what is communicated. Nexus Consortium consultants can work with individuals or groups to assess, devise, and improve communications strategies within your organization and with your customers/clients

Nexus consultants can:

  • Assess your communications strategy needs to streamline the flow and to improve the effectiveness of your communications.

  • Assist managers, supervisors, trainers, and employees to identify your communication goals such as
    • circulating existing information
    • gathering new information
    • getting approval on ideas or
    • linking people
  • Assist you to map a strategy for optimal individual or group communication via methods such as
    • email, group voice mail, videotaped presentations, written documentation/manuals
    • chat rooms, video live feed
    • list servers, bulletin boards
    • audio and video conferencing

  • Assist you in choosing the best tools to deliver your communication strategies.
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