Content and Process Planning for Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops

Nexus Consortium provides a unique consultation and planning service for conferences, workshops and seminars. Organizations that offer conferences want their participants to leave feeling that they have updated themselves in the knowledge related to their area of interest or that they have acquired a new skill. Nexus consultants can assist you in creating and developing the knowledge and content needed to produce a successful conference, workshop or seminar.

In partnership with your company or organization, Nexus consultants can help you:

  • Work with a steering committee and provide assistance and direction.
  • Determine the needs and interests of the target audience
  • Define a theme and assist in identifying a theme speaker

  • Ensure that the theme is carried through each session.
  • Assist in finding panelists and group leaders

  • Identify and plan for sub groups or small workshops and plenaries

  • Ensure that closure is planned for the conference, seminar or meeting

  • Evaluate the success of the conference.

  • Compile the report, recommendations, and or proceedings
  • Refer you to conference planners who are experts in dealing with the logistics of meetings and conferences.

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