Data Analysis

Research today rapidly generates huge amounts of data making it critical to create appropriate criteria for data selection and analysis. Nexus Consortium consultants have the skills and software to work with vast amounts of qualitative, as well as quantitative, data.

Nexus consultants can:

  • Collect and perform custom searches for statistical information on all census and demographic variables.
  • Assist you to analyze:
    • qualitative data. Qualitative data is defined as text, photos, sounds, or video stored in any retrievable media. Nexus consultants will analyze your transcripts, audio tapes or videotapes of:
      • focus groups (in person or on-line)
        on line chat
        comment lines from surveys
    • quantitative data, including large demographic data sets
  • Compile, summarize, graph, report on, and present the results of the data analysis in a variety of presentation formats:
  • Assist you to interpret the data
  • Facilitate your understanding and application of the data analysis findings.
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