Human Resources - Organizing for Success

In modern organizations, it is imperative to have the right people, properly trained and motivated, deployed at the right level, and in the right kind of work. Strong managerial and organizational leadership is also critical. Nexus consultants can help you establish effective policies and procedures for recruitment, selection, development, and promotion of employees that will ultimately enhance the effectiveness of your organization

Nexus Consortium consultants can assist your organization to:

  • Develop accountability frameworks, including organizational charts.
  • Prepare job descriptions
  • Prepare job classifications
  • Develop processes for recruiting, and hiring employees
  • Design compensation packages and benefit programs, including profit sharing.

  • Develop appropriate labour standard policies and procedures, appeals, and variances.
  • Work with Workers' Compensation Board
  • Develop a Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Design protocols for employee evaluation, and work improvement

  • Develop policies for staff development and promotion

  • Develop team building strategies.

  • Develop conflict management strategies

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