Performance Measurement Framework

A performance measurement framework is a tool used in today's business world to identify, measure, and report on results This tool is very useful for companies employing performance based management and will assist companies to:

  • enhance your accountability
  • stimulate increased productivity
  • reduce waste and ineffectiveness
  • provide data for restructuring or growth plans
  • increase control of inputs and output processesiIdentify key indicators of improvement

Using a structured process, Nexus consortium consultants can help you create a framework that meets your management needs.

Nexus consultants can assist you to:

  • Determine the purpose of performance measurement framework
  • Focus your framework
  • Describe program and objectives of your performance measurement framework.
  • Create your program logic chart
  • Create a performance indicator and measurement matrix
  • Identify indicator data to be collected
  • Design a data collection strategy in a responsibility checklist
  • Develop a work plan with timelines

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