Identification Of Success Indicators

Choosing success indicators is a crucial part of designing a performance measurement system, yet its importance is often overlooked. The process of choosing such indicators profoundly influences the likelihood of their success. Nexus Consortium consultants can guide you in a structured process, specific to your style of operation, that will ensure the involvement and commitment of your staff, and result in indicators that are measurable, meaningful, and achievable. Nexus consultants can assist you to make annual reporting of the indicators a positive experience and a reflection of the health of your program, service or organization.

Nexus consultants can work with you and your staff to:

  • Design a program logic or theory of change
  • Identify the key elements of capacity required
  • Identify measurable outputs resulting from activities
  • Define short and long range desired outcomes
  • Measure baselines for the above outputs and outcomes
  • Apply the checklist of good indicators
  • Avoid the most common indicator traps
  • Develop a system for annual reporting on the indicators
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