Nexus Capacities and Deliverables

Nexus Consortium 2001 Inc. is a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in research, evaluation and knowledge management, with capacity to address many types of high level projects. The strength of Nexus Consortium is both the diversity and the attention to process of the consultants. Innovative and effective research principles give Nexus consultants the competitive advantage to carry out research, evaluation, and knowledge management projects that provide the quality of information to guide our clients into the future.

Below are the corporate capacities of Nexus Consortium 2001 Inc. Click on these to go to the associated "Consulting Services"

    1) Initial Consultation Sessions and Quotes at No Charge
    2) Data
      a) Collection and Coding
      b) Remote and Region Wide Data Collection
      c) Summarize and Analyze Findings
      d) Develop Database Design
      e) Instrument Design and Forms Construction
    3) Evaluation
      a) Create Designs and Frameworks
      b) Develop Reports and Presentations
      c) Preliminary Evaluability Assessments
      d) Deliver Facilitated Workshops
    4) Cost
      a) Develop Effectiveness Assessment
      b) Cost Benefit Analysis
    5) Reports
      a) Findings Reports
      b) Statistical Reports
      c) Computer and Web Based Reports and Presentations
    6) Focus Groups
      a) Facilitation
      b) Recording
      c) Qualitative Analysis
    7) Conduct Interviews
      a) Staff and Employees
      b) Employers
      c) Respondent
      d) One on One
      e) Qualitative Analysis
    8) Surveys,(design,develop,deliver,report)
      a) Instrument Designs
      b) Phone Interview Designs
      c) Fax, Internet Surveys
      d) Sample Designs
      e) Surveyor Training
      f) Data Entry and Analysis
      g) Survey Management
    9) Secondary Literature Research
      a) Article Acquisition and Analysis
      b) Analysis and Key Article Identification
      c) Searches
      d) Literature Studies
      e) Review Background Documents
    10) Needs Analysis
      a) Assess Current Market Needs
      b) Market Analysis
      c) Assess Needs for Alternate Program Delivery
      d) Assess Target Audience Needs
      e) Conduct Market Segment Analysis
    13) Social Science Program Logic
      a) Model Design
      b) Indicator Mapping
      c) Methodological Matrix
      d) Measurement Matrices
    14) Business and Social Research
      a) Meta Searches
      b) Sourcing
      c) Results Presentations
    15) Statistical
      a) Statistical Gathering and Interpretation
      b) Statistical Analysis and MetaAnalysis

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